Dominions II Now Shipping


Shrapnel Games is now shipping the PC game Dominions II: The Ascension Wars worldwide.  Developed by Illwinter Game Design, the turn-based fantasy game will have players in the role of a “pretender god” heading up o­ne of seventeen nations as they strive to become the o­ne true god.

o­nline play for up to seventeen players is also supported. More info o­n the title can be found hereDominions II: The Ascension Wars sells for $44.95 o­n Shrapnel’s website.

It is available in a standard Windows versions, as well as two Linux versions and a Mac version.

Alias Game Delayed

In its recent quarterly financial press release Acclaim revealed that the release date of Alias, its upcoming console-PC third person action game based o­n the ABC series, has been delayed.

Originally scheduled for release this winter, the game has been delayed until spring 2004.

The press release said the game was delayed “…to allow for further product polish and the benefit of a launch period with far less clutter and a greater return o­n our supporting marketing dollars.”

Hit The Links On Xbox

Microsoft Game Studios has released Links 2004 for the Xbox, marking the long-running PC title’s first appearance o­n a console.

Pros like Sergio Garcia, Mike Weir and Annika Sorenstam are featured in the game, along with eight courses and commentary form Ken Venturi. Gamers with Xbox Live accounts will also be able to tee it up o­nline in ten different modes of play.

Microsoft plans to release additional content for the game, including new courses, through its o­nline service at a later date.

Warhammer 40,000 Fires On Retail



THQ Inc. has released PlayStation 2 and PC versions of Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior at retail outlets around the world. 

Based o­n the “dark, futuristic fantasy (tabletop) wargaming universe” created by Games Workshop, the first-person shooter will put gamers in the role of Kais, a young warrior up against an evil force entitled The Imperium of Man.

Armed with 15 types of weapons, players will traverse 21 different locations. Both the PC and PS2 products support o­nline play for up to eight people.

NFL Street News

Electronic Arts has selected Ricky Williams, Shannon Sharpe and retired great Barry Sanders as the cover athletes and spokesmen for the upcoming EA Sports Big title, NFL Street

Sanders and Sharpe were two of a group of unofficial NFL advisors for the game that included Michael Vick, Ray Lewis, Marcellus Wiley and Jeremy Newberry.

The seven-on-seven arcade styled football game is scheduled to ship in January of 2004 for the PlayStation 2,Xbox and GameCube systems.

Project Gotham 2 Hits Shelves

Microsoft Game Studios has announced the release of Project Gotham Racing 2 for the Xbox videogame system.

The Bizarre Creations-developed title, due out in Japan o­n November 20 and in Europe o­n November 28, contains over 100 cars and 10 different cities to race through.

The Kudos scoring method will return to the game, awarding drivers points for skill and grace, and this time around, gamers can take the title o­nline, with the ability to race up to seven other players o­nline using Xbox Live.

NFSU Now Available

Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed Underground is now available in retail outlets for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and PC formats.  The title, which focuses o­n urban racing, features 20 cars and a long line of upgradeable parts from real-life manufacturers such as NOS and Sparco. PS2 and PC owners can also take each other o­nline with up to four players competing per race.