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Christmas is almost here, and just by taking a look at the gaming industry one can see this is true. Many great games have come out for the holidays, or are well on their way to being shipped. All of this has the GamersEd monkies screaming for joy inside their cages. Not being one to deny the public on any information on their favorite monkies, we gave them a bunch of bananas to get them to talk. Shortly after they told us their Top 10 Christmas Wish List. Without further ado, here it is the GamersEd Top 10 Christmas Wish List.


10) Giants: Citizen Kabuto – Planet Moon
Set before the beginning of Earth, on Planet MOON, there exists a struggle between species. Kabuto, the giant living on this island who was created by the Sea Reapers, a tribe exiled to their origins by their creation, and then there are the Meccs, an advanced tribe from another planet who get stranded on this planet and now plan to make it their home by clearing out the inhabitants. This stunning RTS features a style to this popular type of gameplay that has never been seen before. Being able to play as the three different species, each with different abilities, the game proves to be both imaginative and entertaining.
I have never really liked RTS games, but Giants is one that I have actually enjoyed. The game itself looks sweet and the storyline and features seem good enough to be a very enjoyable game. – Giants Website


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9) Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force – Ravensoft
Based on the popular (almost too popular) Star Trek series, this sci-fi action game looks like a definite winner. Stranded in a “graveyard” of ships, the Voyager crew must fight their way through all the ships and different, hostile, species that have been caught in this web as well. Using the Quake III engine, Elite Force packs quite a bunch with amazing graphics and addicting single player and multiplayer features.
I have heard quite a lot about this game from various gaming friends on the web. And after I got to play it I found it was one of the best FPS I had ever played. Anything that’s an FPS and is on the Q3 engine has to be good in my book. – Elite Force Website




8) Blade of Darkness – Rebel Act
In a time of fantasy there came a cry for a hero. Four very different warriors, a Barbarian, a Knight, an Amazon, and a dwarf, all with a variety of skills come forth to battle the Darkness that exists on their planet. Blade of Darkness is a third person fighter set in ancient times with some amazing detail. Each character has many medieval type weapons and a large combo system for combat. Every level is heavily detailed and interactive leaving the player with hours of enjoyment.
This is one game I have been looking forward to since I first saw the movie of it months ago. Something about this type of game really gets me excited. I cannot wait till this game is released. – Blade of Darkness Website



7) Project IGI – Innerloop Studios
Jones is a former SAS agent who decides to do some covert operations missions in his spare time. In Project IGI you are a one-man army against the entire black ops army. This game is very ala Metal Gear Solid, and judging by the warm reception the demo has gotten, if you liked MGS you will like Project IGI. The game utilizes Direct3D so the graphics are high detail and consistent.
I was always a fan of the stealth covert mission games like Metal Gear Solid, and this one seems to be no exception. While the game isn’t a head turner on graphics, the game play is what makes this game truly unique. – Project IGI Website


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6) No One Lives Forever – Monolith
NOLF is a James Bond FPS style game, where the lead character is a fierce female agent. With all the cool gadgets that spies get, and some wicked weapons, Cate Archer travels from country to country battling baddies. Boasting an advanced AI system, immense interaction with the surroundings, and some great eye candy NOLF is one to look for. Great graphics and great fun make this game arguably Monolith’s best to date.
This is one game that I hadn’t heard much of until it had actually hit store shelves. Then it seemed everywhere I turned people were talking about this game. Not only is this game great to play, but also it has an awesome sense of humor. – No One Lives Forever Website



5) RUNE – Human Head
Based on Norse mythology, the player assumes the role of Ragnar the Viking against the evil god Loki. Using the Unreal Tournament engine, the game seems to make better use of the UT engine than Unreal Tournament itself. With a third person view, the player can hack and slash throughout the numerous levels using many medieval weapons. Not only is the singleplayer good, but also the game has a good multiplayer system that is addictive, if not different.
This is one game I have enjoyed since the moment I received it. I got RUNE a month after it came out, and I am still playing it. The game is a refreshing change from the standard games out, and it just too cool to decapitate demons and dwarves. – RUNE Website



4) Sacrifice – Shiny
In Sacrifice you control a wizard that must battle other wizards in order to pledge loyalty to one of five gods. Sacrifice is a beautiful and addictive, with massive potential for a game that will be played for years to come. It has a great single player story to power it and a very enjoyable multi-player mode as well. For more info check out Glen’s preview of Sacrifice
I was never one for RTS style games, but when I played this one for just a bit I was instantly hooked. Shiny has defiantly out done themselves with this game, it got a hardcore FPS gamer to try something new, and like it. – Sacrifice Website




3)Fantastic Four – Pokie Game
This one is just for good measure and may come as somewhat of a surprise to many but it is a great game regardless of its nature as a pokie machine game. This epic recent developed by playtech is the best there is in online pokie games, with so many features it will make your head spin and graphics that surpass anything to be seen to date.


We are big advocates for anything MARVEL, we have played just about everything they have made and we are a fan of the latest pokie game creation it rocks it rolls and the only thing your doing when paying is winning. You can find a suitable place to play the Fantastic Four pokie game here:
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2) American McGee’s Alice – Electronic Arts
Everyone knows the immortal tale of Alice in Wonderland, but this game takes an interesting twist. Alice is called back into Wonderland, where she must try to change the world back to what it was. Battling the evil Queen’s army, Alice uses wicked toys with a touch of magic to destroy the baddies that wait around every creepy level. The game is built on the Q3 engine and looks very sweet indeed. The music and level of detail is eerie and keeps true to the drug-influenced book. All in all this game is a masterpiece.
This game is truely wicked. I have played only a bit of the game, but the animations, the sound, the gameplay, everything is just so well put together. The game is so eerily addictive, kudos to American McGee and his team of excellent programmers, artists, and sound engineers. This game is a masterpeice. – American McGee’s Alice Website




1) Tribes 2 – Sierra
Tribes was perhaps the best team play game ever released. It was a game that was multiplayer only, and was only for team play. It was different than all the rest. Riding on the wave of something never seen, and catching the gaming community completely by surprise was what made Tribes the king. Now its sequel is almost out, and everything that could have been done to make Tribes better than before (a seemingly impossible task) has been done. Better maps, better weapons, better graphics and better gameplay. Even though this game is being released less than a week before the new year, its sure to be labeled: Game of 2000.
I picked this game as number 1 for numerous reasons. The major one being this game is heavily anticipated by the community, and that hasn’t gotten to the Tribes Team’s head at all. The secondary one is; from the movies I have seen, from the previews and reviews, and from the millions (literally) of screenshots available, I am still as anxious to play this game, as I was when I first heard it was announced. This game is definitely going to get hours upon hours of playtime on my, and millions of others, computer. – Tribes 2 Website




0) Quake3: Team Arena – id Software
No explaining is really necessary for this game. This expansion pack for the extremely popular Quake 3 focuses on team play. With numerous new maps, new weapons, and a handful of new game modes, this is more than just an expansion pack. The AI is smarter, and the game looks sweeter than ever. Fast and furious with heavy emphasis on playing as a team, Team Arena is defiantly going to rock the house
I am a huge Quake fan, and at first I was a bit skeptical of the new mission pack, I didn’t really want to spend the cash on it. But after playing the excellent demo and checking out all the pretty screenshots, I am forever id’s slave. – Team Arena Website