Gamersed Covert Ops Interview

I managed to snag an interview with Kevin Perry, Executive Producer for Covert Ops. It’s kind of short, only five questions. But thats expected as they are in crunch mode trying to finish up the game. For those of you that don’t know Covert Ops is the latest edition to the Rainbow Six series. Here’s the interview!

1)What will be the major difference between Urban Ops and Covert Ops?

The levels in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Covert Ops Essentials will be based on the same code used to create Urban Ops. Covert Ops has nine new missions for veterans and novices alike, ranging from simple covert operations training missions (busting a meth lab in a trailer park) to no-holds-barred RAINBOW action (tracking a downed airplane through mountainous jungle terrain under enemy fire). This is a stand-alone CD–the player need not have purchased Rogue Spear or Rainbow Six to play the missions.

However, we have added a second CD, which is new to Rainbow Six and unique to the genre. The player, in the guise of a new member of Team RAINBOW, undergoes document and tactical training derived from the most accurate of real-world sources. The player will use actual military documents, executive-level briefings, and dozens of interviews with experts in the field to progress through a series of tests; success in an area earns a ribbon of achievement for the character. The tests themselves can also be turned off and the player can browse at will through more than 250,000 words of exhaustively researched real-world information from the history of the M1911 pistol to the methods commonly used in negotiating with terrorists when hostages are at risk.

Both CDs combine into a package that offers hours of play to both novice and expert gamers.

2)Are there any plans to release a real level editor, instead of one that just allows you to change some of the entities of the maps provided?

No. The editor that shipped with Urban Operations will be perfectly usable with the missions of Covert Ops, however.

3)With the growing popularity of the Rainbow Six series, are there any plans to include a way to run a dedicated server, and possibly a linux port of it?

There are no plans to create a Linux version of Rainbow Six, nor plans for a dedicated server.

4)Are we going to see a Capture The Flag mode in Covert Ops, or any other new play modes?

There are no new play modes, but both the Zone and MPlayer will have special rooms set aside for the unique missions of Covert Ops. All nine missions are fully single and multi-player capable.

5)How many new weapons and items will we see in this game?

There are no new weapons or items in the mission portion of Covert Ops.

Gamersed would like to thank Kevin for his time and for making one damn addictive game!