Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto… Now there’s a series. GTA has come from being o­ne of the most played underground games in history, to o­ne of the Best Selling Series in history. Back in 1997 when the first of the series was released nobody knew about it. Well, I won’t say nobody, it got quite a bit of attention from the underground gaming community, but nothing mainstream. Now, Grand Theft Auto is practically a household name. And if you’ve ever played it, (please tell me you’ve played it!) you know why.

This series has seen quite a few drastic changes in terms of gameplay over the past few years. They’ve gone from a top-down, completely 2D game in Grand Theft Auto (the first o­ne), to a now Third-Person, completely stunning 3D world with Grand Theft Auto 3. The games have just gotten drastically better with each new addition to the series. This is something you don’t always see in the gaming, or movie world for that matter. All of these vast improvements in gameplay, graphics, sound and story have brought us to the current addition to the series, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

GTA: Vice City… In a word, Awesome. In two words, F*cking Awesome. I’ll go ahead and save you the 10 minutes it would take you to read through this review, GO BUY IT! You won’t be disappointed… It’s worth $50… You get to shoot people and steal cars… need I say more? Bah, ok. You can buy a Strip Club!! Still more?? All right, it’s got a great storyline, you can drive many different types of vehicles, including the new helicopter, motorcycle, and plane to name a few, you can buy businesses, homes and a lot more guns… and you get to shoot people and steal cars! Did I mention that already? Now I’m serious, there really is no point to continue reading this review. Everything I’m going to say can be summed up with “You can shoot people and steal cars, and it looks good too”. If you need more than that to buy a game, then, well… your just too damn picky! Ok, maybe not too picky.

You’re probably just like me and prefer quality, FUN games over that other crap that sits o­n the shelf in those spiffy new small boxes and sells for $9.95. Hell, some of them are even too cheap to be in a box, all you get is a sealed cd case with the instructions o­n the other side of the cover. Let me assure you that GTA: Vice City, is nothing of the sort and definitely falls into the “quality game” category. Rockstar has spent some bucks to make sure you enjoy this game!

With that said, and if for some reason (god o­nly knows why) you’re still reading this, I guess I should get o­n to the specifics

Reviewer:  Glen
Score: 4/5

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