XIII Invades Stores

Ubisoft has announced the availability of PlayStation 2 and PC versions of XIII at retail outlets around the country.  The conspiracy-driven, cel-shaded first-person shooter is highly inspired by graphic novels and features the voices of David Duchovny, Eve and Adam West. Both the PC and PS2 versions are o­nline-enabled, with the latter getting an exclusive o­nline mode called Power Up. Four players can compete o­nline in a single PS2 game, while up to 16 can battle it out o­n the PC platform.

Magic Gathers On Xbox

Atari, Inc. has shipped Magic: The Gathering – Battlegrounds, for both the Xbox and PC platforms, to retailers around North America. 

The Secret Level-developed game is based o­n The Wizards of the Coast trading card game, and features a single player Quest mode that is made up of six chapters, each with 15 quests. The Xbox version supports o­nline play, complete with stats and rankings.

New creatures, arenas and spells will be offered up through Xbox Live as well down the line.

Top Selling PC Games

NPD Techworld has released a list of the top-selling PC games for the week of November 2-8.
The top 10 were:
1. The Sims: Makin’ Magic Expansion Pack
2. Call Of Duty
3. Final Fantasy XI
4. The Sims Double Deluxe
5. Halo: Combat Evolved
6. Max Payne 2: Fall Of Max Payne
7. Age Of Mythology
8. Civilization 3: Conquests Expansion Pack
9. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: Century Of Flight
10. Dark Age Of Camelot: Trials Of Atlantis Expansion Pack

And The Letter For Today Is…

B… For Brazil, in which lives a Brazilian that though it would be quite funny to exploit our poor little web server, and exploit it he did.  So, bravo little Brazilian dude.  I aplaud you, for you sir… are THE MAN!  In retrospec, various parts of GamersEd will not be working for a while.  Off the top of my head, the TA and the Picture Gallery as well as the forums will be down until we can rework the code to accomodate our new security patches.